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Labour remuneration at budget-sustained institutions needs to be improved. 3. Salaries at budget-sustained institutions remain low 17.12.08
Introduction of Unified tariff system was accompanied with 1.9-3 time increase of salaries at the budget-sustained institutions. However, salary rate still does not meet the guarantees set by the laws of Ukraine "On Education", "Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on Health Care", "Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on Culture". As a result of increase of the par labour remuneration rate, number of workers at the budget-sustained institutions whose salary met the state social standards prescribed by the law (minimal salary and subsistence level) dropped. next »

Labour remuneration at budget-sustained institutions needs to be improved. 2. Unfair environment for the institutions with status of "national" 16.12.08
According to available information, the Accounting Chamber has conducted analysis of regulation of labour remuneration at the budget-sustained institutions based on Unified tariff system. The analysis showed that there was no system of setting the labour remuneration rate at the budget-sustained institutions which had been granted the status of "National" in accordance with the Decrees of the President of Ukraine. It hampered achieving of the objective of the Unified tariff system regarding optimal labour remuneration parity between positions and sectors. next »

Labour remuneration at budget-sustained institutions needs to be improved. I. Pluses and minuses of the unified tariff system 15.12.08
Labour remuneration system at the budget sector with over 3.6 million people employed has been repeatedly changed since independence of Ukraine had been declared. Shift from salaries in absolute sums to labour remuneration based on the Unified tariff system of categories and quotients has been made two times for that period. The first attempt (1993) failed. Subsequently, salary of non-qualified employees of the budget sector became nearly equal with the salary of specialists. Thus, reinstitution of the parity between positions has become crucial. next »

The state incurs losses from its own managers 09.12.08
Ukraine still does not have national program of the state economy development. In circumvention of the laws, indexes of its development have not been elaborated for five years running within the framework of the State Program of Economic and Social Development of Ukraine. next »

Donetsk airport: flights to nowhere 04.12.08
The Ministry of Transportation and Communication of Ukraine and the Donetsk Regional Council did not provide for effective use of the state budget funds meant for integral reconstruction, extension and technical refitting of the municipal enterprise "International Airport Donetsk". As a result, over UAH 26 million was used with violations of the legislation in 2007 and 2008. Also, about UAH 13 million was used ineffectively. next »

The center not constructed yet but equipment already outdated 04.12.08
Over 160 thousand people having malignant tumour are registered every year in Ukraine. 40 % of those who have cancer die throughout the year. The process of recovery depends primarily upon the stage on which the disease is detected. next »

Floods are escaping control. 2. Disaster due to insufficient financing 02.12.08
During the last ten years flood protection system of population and areas of Carpathian region was not strengthened but muted. Floods are becoming uncontrollable reaching disastrous size and causing large-scale losses. next »

Floods are escaping control. 1. Flood protection system is ineffective 02.12.08
Any national flood program in Ukraine is not implemented on the planned scale. Indexes included to the functioning programs do not meet the reality and working plans are aimed at preventive measures. It was the conclusion of the Accounting Chamber Board after having considered Report of the audit of effectiveness of the flood programs implemented in 2005-2007 and nine months of 2008. The audit was conducted in response to the address of the President of Ukraine. next »

Shortage of support of domestic producers means subsidizing the overseas ones 01.12.08
State support and stimulation of the agriculture producers has become crucial again after Ukraine had joined World Trade Organization which members provide more substantial support to agriculture than Ukraine. next »

Money spent but hospitals stay without equipment 27.11.08
The Ministry of Health Care has got over UAH 1.5 billion from the state budget to purchase medical equipment for the last five years. Despite the significant funds problem of modern medical equipment is one of the most pressing for the health care institutions. It is proved by the routine effectiveness audit of the funds use of the State Budget of Ukraine to centralized purchase of equipment for health care institutions which results were considered by the Accounting Chamber Board. next »

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