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Some Ukrainian teens don't notice summer 18.12.07
Caring about children's health is a major factor of the country's attitude to the issue of the younger generation. The UN convention on children's rights ratified by the Parliament in 1991 proclaims that children do not only have personal needs, but also civil, political, social, cultural and economic rights. next »

Bridge swallowed by local authorities 17.12.07
Today the communication between the left and right banks of the Dnieper in Kremenchuk is sustained by the only mixed-type rail and motorway bridge located in the city centre which, after its destruction in World War 2 was renovated 60 years ago. According to technical appraisals, it was found in an emergency status, and is deemed to become ineligible for road traffic provided its further operation. next »

The State has sent the Prosecutor's Office "to grass" 07.12.07
Results of the audit of abidance by requirements of the applicable legislation in the budget funds management by the prosecutor's bodies of Ukraine were considered by the Accounting Chamber Board at its meeting. next »

Administrative disability of local authorities - new problems for miners' families 05.12.07
As coal mining plants and coal refineries of Donbas are liquidated a number of related problems are shifted to the shoulders of the state - from nature protection measures to social protection of former workers. Supply of people with free coal according to article 48 of the Mining Law of Ukraine is one of them. next »

The Ministry of Industrial Policy: no progress 03.12.07
It is the fact of common knowledge that successful solution of issues of economic progress of any country depends much on competent and efficient state policy in industrial complex development. It is an axiom. For our country as well. Transfer to innovation development model has remained urgent for Ukraine for many years, therefore, any support of those domestic commodity producers is important who seek to work and produce goods on the level of the world standards. However, to launch global changes, it is necessary primarily to define clearly on the state level strategic directions and methods of activization of this process. next »

The State Budget management: there are no ground for optimism 28.11.07
For the long time Mass Media has produced two alternative evaluations of social and economic life of the state: coalition emphasized successes of the Government and opposition on its side focused on mistakes of the authorities. The truth is, as it is known, somewhere in between. It was confirmed by the Accounting Chamber Board which after analysis and expertise adopted Conclusion on management of the State Budget of Ukraine for 9 months of 2007. Detailed expert analysis proved that within the reporting period cumulative rate of real GDP growth exceeded indices of the previous year, however, economic growth dynamics is declining. next »

Black and Azov Seas - under the threat 27.11.07
A lot was said about disasters and emergency situations including those that had occurred recently in Kerchenskiy Strait. In majority of cases contamination of water area of Black or Azov Sea is caused by human factor, and namely, negligence or non-professionalism of ship crews entering Ukrainian ports or maritime belt. However, public is less aware that seas and other waters are transforming into drain boxes for hazardous substances due to criminal indifference of different economic entities to environment protection. next »

The Ministry of Emergencies succeeded in ... the budget funds consumption 06.11.07
Having considered its results the Accounting Chamber Board made conclusions that the system of formation, allocation and disbursement of the funds by the Program was ineffective because it did not correspond to the aim of its implementation. In particular, to establishment of direct relation between allocation of the state budget funds and results of their use. Reasons of such situation are untimely, ineffective and unjustified managerial decisions of officials of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Finance at all stages of the budget process starting from expenditures planning to reporting on the budget funds. Consequently, according to conclusions of the Accounting Chamber experts, basic purpose of the Program, proper civilian protection of people against emergencies and disasters, has not been achieved. next »

Words say we are heading to Europe. But in fact? 05.11.07
The Accounting Chamber auditors claim that the state budget funds use for research works is ineffective and is made with violation of the applicable legislation. Available resources are dissipated and spent without taking into account priorities of developments and economy needs. The audit proved that the State Committee for Technical regulation and Consumer policy spent over 20 million UAH or 70% of total expenditures with violations and ineffectively in 2005 and January-June of 2007. next »

Rural areas are helped to die out 26.10.07
Pathetical declarations and urges to support and help domestic commodity producers and priorities of social development of rural areas have been voiced on the highest legislative and executive levels for fifteen years already. Emphasizing along with it that high level of social and economic development of agrarian sector is guarantee of food and raw material supply of the country and practically one of the main conditions of economic independence. next »

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