About this portal

Web portal of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine was set up for the purpose of improving the efficiency and transparency of its activities, which are aimed at the reinforcement of state financial control, countering violations and abuses in the employment of budget funds. The legal foundations for this Portal are the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Information", Order of the President of Ukraine No 325/2001 of May 17, 2001 "On Preparation of Proposals for Ensuring Publicity and Openness of the Activities of State Authorities´, the Law of Ukraine "On the Accounting Chamber".

The portal contains general information on the Accounting Chamber, legal basis regulating its activities; it provides the data on the results of audit, expert and analytical activities, media publications about the Accounting Chamber´s activities, lists the Internet resources for web servers of the Ukrainian state institutions and audit institutions of other countries.

Up-to-date information services are also available on the portal. The "Sign-up for News" service allows receiving distributed announces of new information published on the portal. The Accounting Chamber employees, when they are not at their work places, can work with their mailboxes located on the server of the Accounting Chamber ac-rada.gov.ua in a remote mode.

Department of Information Resources and Computer Technologies provides information support for the web portal of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine.

The Portal technical development and support is done by Softline Company.

Conclusions of the analytical report "The best practices in the use of internet sites by the Supreme Audit Institutions of 30 countries and recommendations on the improvement of the Ukrainian Accounting Chamber´s portal" provided by the UNDP Governance Program were used for the development of this Portal.

The portal can be used with the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0 and up, Netscape 6.2 and up, Opera 6.0 and up, and for the following operation systems: –ěS Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix.  The server was optimized for viewing on a 1024x768 pixel resolution display. 

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